Parvathi the Teacher

Parvathi is the founder of the Dance Institution KalaPradarshini in Chennai. KalaPradarshini, (Centre for Performing Arts and Cultural Activities) is an Institution imparting knowledge in the field of Bharatanatyam in Chennai. It has been in existence since 1980. The institution was formally inaugurated in 1998.

Having learnt the art form from an early age, Parvathi has inherited the ability to effortlessly mould a child into an able performer. Parvathi imparts knowledge in Bharatanatyam – practical and theoretical.

Highlights of the Academy:

Parvathi has inducted several students to the professional stage who have performed at numerous prestigious organizations, have won awards and Scholarships from CCRT and are graded artistes of the Doordarshan, All India Radio. The Dance Academy has over 100 students on its rolls and conducts classes and annual grading examination through the year in Bharatanatyam and allied subjects.